Los Angeles Interior Design

Design is what makes life functional, comfortable, beautiful and rewarding. It is like creating a work of art that you live in and love. Design inspires our principal LA interior designer Ernie Roth.
What our Los Angeles interior design firm does is use our visual expertise to create collected modern interiors that incorporate the perfect balance of lighting, drama, color, form and architecture to express your aesthetic vision. We take our 20 plus year of experience with production design in the film industry combined with our interior design skills to sculpt a visually exciting space that reflects your personality and passion for living or working.
As a group of top Los Angeles interior designers, we partner with the best craftsmen in Southern California to execute our design projects in the most meticulous of ways. Serving the greater LA area, including Malibu, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Pasadena, with its residential and commercial interior design needs, including restaurants, retail spaces, offices, and hotels.
Upscale CA Interior Design and Decoration